At Lakeside Pet Resort, your pet will enjoy a comfortable environment. Our staff will give the same level of care that they would give the show dogs. Each dog has their own spacious private indoor/outdoor run. The facility is climate controlled and each run is cleaned daily. Dogs have access to their outside runs beginning in the early morning and at various times during the day. On fair weather days, the doors stay open all day allowing your dog the freedom to go outside as much as they wish. Paul Clas, the owner of Lakeside Pet Resort, lives on the property.

Pick up and drop off from 9am to 11am and 5pm to 7pm. Pick up and drop off available other times by appointment only. The limited hours allow for reduced foot traffic in the kennel making for a quieter facility for your pets during the day.

Vaccination, rabies and licensing information required to board. All Dogs MUST be up to date on Rabies and Bordatella Vaccines to board. The bordatella vaccine covers kennel cough and MUST be given at least 7 days before arrival.

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NO PICK-UP OR DROP-OFFS HOURS ON DECEMBER 25th OR JANUARY 1ST. Kennel owners and staff will be on site to care for your pets on those days. Customers with online bookings with those pick-up/drop-off dates will be asked to change to a different date. We will have normal hours on the 24th and 31st.

Boarding Rates Effective Januray 1st 2018

Checkout is normally by 11 am. PM pickups will incur an additional charge.

Small to Large Dogs $23.00 Per Night (PM Pickup is an additional $14)

Two dogs in the same run $38.00 Per Night (PM Pickup is an additional $19)

Three dogs in the same run $50.00 Per Night (PM Pickup is an additional $20)

Four dogs in the same run $65.00 Per Night (PM Pickup is an additional $25)

Day Care $18.00 Per Day

Cat Boarding $18.00 Per Night

Dogs that have fleas will automatically receive a minimum of a kennel bath and flea treatment at the owner's expense.

If your dog is messy during its stay, we may give a basic bath at the owner's expense.


Kennel Bath $30.00 - $35.00 – Short Haired breeds only.

Nails $18

2 Nature Walks are $7.00 / Day

2 Play Times are $7.00 / Day

Medication $5 per day

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